Did you know that a hidden world exists within broccoli that is as fascinating as the vegetable itself?

Paul Hohner has been exploring the possible applications of using the empty space within broccoli, cauliflower and other members of their family (called Brassicaceae).

He discovered a fascinating world inside the broccoli which managed to stay hidden until now. Its structure is shaped like a fractal, creating the possibility to adjust it to infinitely large or small sizes, while keeping the detail.

For this current series of objects, he created three distinct steps in size and detail: smaller than natural, natural, and larger than natural size. Future steps could be even smaller and even larger. And like the broccoli, every object will be different, never the same.


These rings teach us about the structure of the cauliflower which enables us to study it in great detail. Vacuum casting was used to preserve every detail. The rings are limited editions, made out of sterling silver.


This lamp puts the cauliflower in the spotlight, to reveal its innate and natural beauty. Made in porcelain, so its light can show us the full shape and scale of its hidden world.


This chair shows that the broccoli can be used to create strong constructions and might well be a stepping stone to a future bridge.